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About our Services

Wellness Exams

Prevention is a key part of pet health care. We recommend that a physical exam be performed at least once a year, and more often for older and ill patients. Exams yield valuable information that gives a picture of overall health and allows early detection of health problems while still minor, often less difficult and less expensive to be treated.

Vaccines can prevent many diseases that affect pets. We feel that pets and households have a variety of needs when considering vaccination, and will tailor a protocol to fulfill your requirements.

Reproductive Services we offer include pre-breeding consultation and screening for hereditary disease, artificial insemination, pregnancy diagnosis, and delivery assistance.

Nutritional Counseling helps to maintain health as age, weight, and various medical concerns all factor into diet selection.


Healthy teeth and gums are important to the health of many other parts of the body. We provide dental care with home maintenance materials, thorough cleanings while sedated to address periodontal disease, as well as oral surgery.


Our veterinarians and technicians provide compassionate, high quality surgical care for your pet using fully equipped surgical suites. We have state of the art monitoring and anesthesia equipment to make surgery as comfortable and safe as possible. We perform a wide variety of procedures including most elective and emergencies. Some advanced procedures are referred to specialist surgeons we work closely with. Post surgical pain management is carefully addressed both in hospital and at home.

Medications & Nutritional Products

We have a pharmacy with various medicines for your pet, an extensive line of internal parasite, flea and tick control products, supplements and prescription nutritional diets. Many animal medications are governed by federal drug laws that require recent examination prior to prescribing or dispensing.


Animal Care Clinic has diagnostic equipment including blood, urine, and stool analyzers, Body and Dental Radiography, ultrasound, blood pressure, glaucoma screening, microscopy, and pulse/oxygen monitoring.

Emergency Services

If you experience an emergency during our business hours, we will make every effort to see you as quickly as possible. Please call ahead so that we can be prepared for you. For after hours emergency, we recommend contacting:

Advanced Veterinary Care
Manchester, NH

Manchester Emergency Clinic
Manchester, NH

Capital Area Veterinary Emergency
Concord, NH