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It’s our mission to keep your pet’s happy and healthy.


Full-Service Veterinary Care in Peterborough, NH

Whether it’s a routine wellness exam or a complicated surgical procedure, we’ll be there to ensure that your pet gets the highest quality care. Our dedicated veterinary staff takes every precaution to ensure that your pet receives care in a clean and calm environment. We believe that every visit to comes to see us should end with a happy pet and happy pet parents.

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Wellness Exams
Our wellness exams are a vital part of preventative care, ensuring that your pet stays in a healthy condition. We recommend that a physical exam be performed at least once a year with more frequent visits from older or ill patients. Our exams yield valuable information, producing a clear picture of your pet’s overall health and early detection of health problems to be appropriately treated with easier and less expensive measures.
Pet Wellness Visits

We offer complete pet wellness visits.

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Reproductive Services
Our clinic offers incredible pre-breeding consultation and screening for hereditary disease, artificial insemination, pregnancy diagnosis, and delivery assistance.
Dental Care
Pet owners should not underestimate how essential healthy teeth and gums are to your pet’s body. Our team provides premier dental care services with home maintenance materials, thorough cleanings to address periodontal disease, and oral surgery.
Medications and Nutritional Products
We have a great pharmacy stocked with the latest medicines. This includes internal parasites, flea and tick control products, supplements, and prescription nutritional diets. We abide by all federal drug laws and guidelines pertaining to medication dispensation, including a recent exam before prescribing medicine.
Vaccines are also considerable preventative measures that your pet can take to combat disease. We will tailor our vaccination protocols to your pet’s needs.
Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional counseling is essential for your pet’s health. We will create a comprehensive dietary plan catered to your pet’s circumstances—factoring in the weight, age, and medical issues.
Our Veterinarians and technicians provide compassionate, high-quality surgical care for your pet using the latest fully equipped surgical suites. We use state-of-the-art monitoring and anesthesia equipment to make surgery a safe and easy process for your pet. Our procedures come in various surgical methods, making us the best choice for any elective or uncontrollable emergency. We refer more advanced procedures to reliable specialist surgeons that we work closely with and who have a tremendous reputation. Post-surgical care and pain management are just as vital as any surgical procedure. Our care plans carefully address the steps taken at home and in the hospital.
Animal Care Clinic has the diagnostic equipment necessary for reliable results. We can examine blood, urine, and stool samples, conduct body, and dental radiography procedures, ultrasound, measure blood pressure, conduct glaucoma screening, microscopy, snd pulse/oxygen monitoring.